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If you leave it to Reality Kings to do all the talking, they will tell you that they have the best that ever was. They will talk about how they have been consistent in producing porn. They will say they have many movies, pictures, and models, sites to offer anyone who comes over for a visit. They will speak about how so many different reviewers have praised them highly for the content that they deliver. Now we are not disputing any of these claims because that is how it goes with this network. They are damn good and know it! We are just looking to convince you and offer our take on this network.

The network, and thereby the pornsites inside the network, has exclusive hardcore episodes by the hundreds. The last figure we had was about 9138+ movies, which is a big cache of porn. They make sure that daily episodes do appear, most of the time its multiple additions. So, people with killer appetites for porn can still find this network completely flabbergasting as far as amount goes. Access means forty sites that will not make you regret the decision you made. All hot pornographic niches in many different fields are represented inside when you look at the content that they bring.

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The network produces sites with a similar feel as far as the content quality is concerned. You can clearly see cohesion, and that the sites do have different formats for the videos (flv, wmv, mpeg, mp4, mobile formats psp/iPhone). The large amount of porn means hundreds of hours dedicated to surfing this network without running out of content to watch. The option is between taking clip version and full length features. Mostly the RealityKings movies do have great viewing quality; the leading ones have got HD formats.

The standard pictures will show the viewer some mid res images, they have some 8500+ pic galleries.

What everyone receives is a dose of high pace porno material with a bevy of pornstars easily available. They have all sorts of women in there. They like creative reality publications and are known for mixing niches up to come up with something uniquely theirs. They take care of all the specifics that go into making the network manageable, navigable. It’s said that there is daily download limit for movies (50), and that they could scale back the adverts inside the member’s area. But there is no real big critique of how they conduct their business.

Other networks try to convince you of this and that but Reality Kings doesn’t have to do that. This network is a mega as you are going to get, the best value for members money is shown all over this network. It’s just a very solid important wise and time worthy idea to join this network.

It is really no surprise that Reality Kings ranks very high among most of the trustworthy review sites, they are simply a top of the crop type of network. That just about sums it all up for you, worth joining that's for sure.